How could all the people in the world access mobile apps?

This was the riddle the founding team of Blaast set out to solve back in 2010. A combination of mobile technology PhDs, seasoned experts, and ambitious business people, the Blaast team has ever since been flying across the globe to find the solution.

Since mobile phone penetration has reached over 100%, providing Internet access to all mobile phones would solve the riddle. You’re thinking that with smartphones the problem is solved, right? But only 30% of mobile phones are smart. Roughly 3 billion feature phone users have very limited access to the Internet and mobile apps. Instead, the solution lies in the cloud.

The Answer:

By running mobile apps in the cloud, Blaast brings a rich and fast app experience to almost any mobile phone: from feature phones as low as $30 to entry-level smartphones. Blaast runs on 2G networks and is extremely bandwidth and data-friendly, which makes it affordable for end-users and feasible for operators. In one download, Blaast’s end-users get instant access to over 100 applications – from Facebook, Twitter, social games, and messenger to a variety of local apps.

From the very beginning, Blaast wanted to offer end-users interesting local content. Apart from being rock stars, developers are key in offering local apps and that’s why we’ve been building local developer communities. We offer tools, free publishing platform, and a possibility for recurring revenue for our developers. In Indonesia alone, we have over 4000 developers making cool local apps for the market.

Blaast is headquartered in Helsinki, and presence and offices in emerging markets. We’re backed by Ambient Sound Investments (the founding engineers of Skype), Steve Blank, Pekka Vartiainen (Nokia ex-SVP) and Veturi Venture Accelerator.

In Indonesia we’ve launched together with one of the country’s leading operators, XL Axiata, which has over 46 million subscribers.

As for the riddle, we’ve almost solved it.