Blaast offers Operators a new way to engage feature phone users with mobile applications.

What’s in it for operators?

  • We build and cultivate the local developer community.
  • No CAPEX or OPEX.
  • Very low bandwidth consumption and works on crammed networks (only GPRS needed).
  • Convert voice users to data on almost any phone.
  • Local apps, global hits and operator-specific apps.
  • Increase ARPU and customer loyalty.

How do we do it?

  • Young and hands-on developer ambassador teams.
  • Cloud service hosting, which includes our apps and end-users’ client.
  • Optimized data and smart caching.
  • Educate consumers with freemium offering.
  • Works on all popular mobile platforms, including J2ME and Mediatek.
  • Over-the-air installation for end-users and pre-installation with handset OEMs
  • Content distribution platform for global brands.
  • Lifecycle of apps for the whole range of devices: from USD 30 feature phones to low-end smartphones and mobile-tablets.
  • Simple and free JavaScript tools and education for local developers.
  • Business model for converting users from voice to data and further to smartphones with secured margins.